“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to The Online Teacher YOUniversity Blog:

My name is Dr. Frank O’Neill, but most people call me Dr. O.  I am super excited to begin this journey with you, and I am genuinely thankful that you are here.

I have already written about why you should be interested in online teaching on the Home page, and about why I am starting this blog on the About page.  You can also learn more about me and my passion for online education on my Speaker page.

Today I want to lay out my plans for the blog and share the topics that I plan on covering.  I hope that this blog becomes your home for information (and inspiration) about the art, science, and business of online teaching.

I am extremely interested in what you have to say.  What do you want to learn about?  Where would you like to communicate with me (blog comments, Facebook group, email)?  Do you have a topic that you would like to write about as a contributor?

Let’s create epic online courses together.

Crush it,

Dr. O



1.  How to Make Your Classes Unforgettable:

I Will Show You Dozens of Ways to:

  • Use My Video Checklist to H.E.L.P Your Students
  • Humanize Your Online Courses
  • Simple yet Powerful Ways to Double Student Engagement in 60 Minutes a Week
  • Foster Community in Your Online Courses

2.  How to Design Epic Learning Experiences:

I will use Examples, Walkthroughs, and Templates from My Courses to Show you How to:

  • Leverage the Power of Video to Connect with Your Students
  • Design Course Content (Discussion Boards, Modules, Syllabus) that Students Love
  • Use Open Education Resources (OER) to Make Your Courses More Accessible and Affordable

3.  How to Become a Professional Online Teacher:

I Want to Use My Experience to Help New Online Teachers:

  • Embrace the Mindset Shift Needed to Become a Productive and Profitable Online Teacher
  • Use My G.I.V.E System to Find (and Keep) Online Teaching Work
  • Find a Community of Colleagues to Grow and Learn With

4.  Teaching Resources and Reviews:

I Want to Help You Conquer Course Technology by:

  • Creating Tutorials About How to Harness the Power of Simple, Cheap, and Effective Videos
  • Showing You How to Leverage Technology in Your Online Courses
  • Creating Guides to Help You Make Smart Technology Choices

I want to hear from you.  Feel free to:

  • Leave a comment below.  I will personally reply to each one
  • Tag me @GrowGrayMatter on Twitter or LinkedIn to move the discussion to my favorite social media channels
  • Send me a message through the contact form on the bottom of the About page

Crush it!

Dr. O


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