Dr. O’Neill would love to work with your institution, conference, or organization.  The themes of his presentations revolve around the topics that he is most passionate about:

  • Overcoming Objections to Online Education
  • Humanizing Online Courses
  • Building Epic Online Courses that Enhance Student Satisfaction, Retention, and Completion
  • Improving Online Course Quality

If you are interested in having Dr. O’Neill present for your organization, please know that his schedule fills up fast.  His travel schedule is limited to ensure that his family and his students are always his top priorities.  Use the contact form at the bottom of this page for more information.  It would be his pleasure to speak with you.

Why Listen to Dr. O’Neill?

The simple answer is that his ideas work. For more than 10 years, Dr. Frank O’Neill has dedicated himself to serving students and his fellow teachers. Here are some of the highlights:

  • He is a highly qualified Certified Online Instructor that has taught more than 100 sections of online and hybrid courses
  • He has been the recipient of 8 teaching awards at the college, state, and national level, including the 2019 ICCOC Innovative Instructor of the Year Award
  • He has built and taught epic online courses for 6 schools using 4 different learning management systems and 8 different distance learning tools

Dr. O’Neill has given over 100 presentations to teachers, student organizations, and community groups. Most of this work has been in his capacity as a teacher, but he has also presented as a member of the Health Education and Research Foundation (HERF), the American Cancer Society, and The Alliance for Wellness. His presentations, which are light on theory and heavy on application, have taken him across the United States and Canada

“I truly love love love sharing my passion and experience with any audience that will listen.  I am a teacher through and through, and I believe in the power of online education 100%.  Nothing in my career excites me more than bringing other teachers on a journey and helping them to see the impact that we can have on our students.  I teach teachers so they can go and teach the world.”

Dr. Frank O'Neill

Online Teacher YOUniversity

Dr. O’Neill in Action

What Others Are Saying

“In my years as a distance learning administrator, I’ve worked alongside hundreds of online instructors. Frank O’Neill is among the very best of them.  He is a master of this subject area.”

Eddie Dunn
Director of Distance and Global Education, WITCC

Frank has presented a variety of sessions at the annual ICCOC Spring Conference for several years and has become a favorite among conference attendees. His innovative spirit and willingness to share his ideas have proven to be a major asset to instructors looking for best practices. The ICCOC is very happy to have Frank back again this year with new sessions to energize and motivate other instructors.

Theresa Umscheid (Zeigler)
ICCOC Executive Director

I have enjoyed our work together on online course training and development. The insight he provides me as an Instructional Designer on how students learn today is invaluable to me in my career. Frank is always in teacher-mode!”

MJ Dachelet
Lead Instructional Designer, NICC (Peosta Campus)


Some of The Organizations Dr. O’Neill has Worked With Include:

Choose a Topic

Build a Completely Customized Keynote

Your organization is unique, so you deserve a unique keynote speaker to engage your audience. When you book Dr. Frank O’Neill, you aren’t getting someone who jumps on stage with a generic speech. Dr. O’Neill gets to know your organization, your people, and your challenges. Then, he builds a program that meets your specific needs.

Or, Start With an Existing Topic

Online Education Workshop: Raising the Bar

Online education is a polarizing topic for many faculty and administrators. In this workshop, Dr. Frank O’Neill will cover the most common complaints that are used by opponents of online learning. He will also share the best practices he uses to highlight the positive aspects of online courses while minimizing (or even eliminating) the potential downsides.  Participants will leave with an action plan that can turn their online courses into the new education gold standard.

Creating an Engaging Online Course

Dr. Frank O’Neill will share the 12-step engagement process that he has developed after teaching over 100 online and blended courses in the past decade. He will share his top tactics to improve student-teacher, student-content, and student-student engagement. He will share all of the key course design and delivery methods that he has used to become one of the most sought-after online teachers in the nation. 

How to Teach Your First Epic Online Course

Online courses are not better, or worse, than face-to-face courses.  But, they are a LOT different.  Your best online teaching strategy is to actually have a strategy!  Attend this presentation if you want to develop a content and connection plan that will take your first, or tenth, online courses to the next level.  

Crafting a Learning Experience: Course Design Tips

Will the face-to-face class always be the benchmark for helping students learn? Or, can we create online learning experiences that empower and engage students in ways that make them superior to their face-to-face counterparts? Dr. Frank O’Neill will share his advice on how to design an unforgettable online course that turns students into raving fans.

Using Video to Enhance Student Engagement and Retention

In this lively and informative presentation, Dr. Frank O’Neill shares tips and tactics to exceed your students’ expectation by incorporating audio and video resources throughout your courses. He focuses on how to use his H.E.L.P system to teach content, eliminate barriers to success, and develop an emotional connection with students that is nearly impossible without the use of video. Dr. O’Neill will call on his experience creating over 900 videos for his students since 2013.

OER Courses that Improve Access Without Sacrificing Quality

Does a switch to OER resources have to sacrifice quality in the name of access?  The short answer is no.  Dr. Frank O’Neill will share his journey from science courses with $700 in material costs to courses that require less than $30 in supplies after 3 semesters of planning and preparation.  He will share his data that the move to OER has improved access, retention, and students satisfaction levels.  He will also share how he was able to increase engagement and see an increase in perceived course quality at the same time.  

Contact Dr. O'Neill if you would like to schedule a presentation

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