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To put it bluntly, I am not writing this blog for you.  I am writing it for your students.  My simple teaching philosophy it that every student matters; not just my own.

Online education is not reaching its potential, and I want to help build up a generation of educated and motivated online teachers to fix it.  I want to help the online teachers that will teach my kids and grandkid someday.

My online courses are special, but there is nothing special about me.  I truly believe that ANYONE that cares about their students and their content can become an excellent online teacher.

You can master the art, science, and business of teaching online EVEN IF:

You Don’t Have a Tech Background:

I didn’t have a cell phone or a TV when I first started teaching online.

You Have Never Taught (or even taken) an Online Course Before:

I went from running a medical clinic to winning teaching awards with no training or teaching experience.

You Have a Busy Life:

I teach 10-15 courses a semester, have 3 kids, and commute 13 hours a week.  Enough said.

You are Afraid to Make Teaching Videos:

I have learned how to conquer my fears and leverage the power of video for my online courses.  I know that I can help you do the same.

You are Worried that You Won’t Make Enough Money Teaching Online:

I was able to double my income by teaching online.  I will share every strategy I know to help you become an effective, productive, and profitable online teacher.

You are Worried that Online Courses Can’t be as Good as Your Face-to-Face Classes:

I used to feel the same way.  Now I believe that my online courses are even better than my face-to-face classes.

You are Not Willing to Sacrifice Your Family to Teach Online:

I’m glad to hear it!  Neither will I.  The flexibility of working online is my favorite part.  I don’t have to choose between being a dad and a teacher; I can make time for both.

If this sounds like you, I hope you stick around!


Dr. O?


Learn more about who I am and why I’m here by reading About Online Teacher YOUniversity

Online education is a polarizing topic for many faculty and administrators.  But I truly believe that online and blended courses will become the new educational gold standard.  I’m here to stand up for amazing online teachers that are dragging education into the 21st-century kicking and screaming.

I started Online Teacher YOUniversity because I got tired of people telling me what I can’t do with my online courses.  I want to use this blog to:

  • Dispel myths about online teaching and learning
  • Share proven online student engagement techniques
  • Teach teachers how to incorporate video into their online courses
  • Help new online teachers design epic courses

I certainly don’t have all the answers.  I don’t even know all the right questions yet.  But, I have been in your shoes before.  Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from mine?

I have dedicated myself to serving teachers and students for over a decade. I could list off my experience, qualifications, and awards, but I would prefer that you hear directly from the people I have worked with:

What Student are Saying about Dr. O’Neill

“This is the best-organized class I’ve seen online and I wish other instructors would use this as an example for their classes.”

“Thank you for teaching an amazing class in an interesting and involving way.  I am SO glad that I have your class.  I was just telling a friend that if I didn’t have your class this semester, that I would drop out.  Your class is keeping me moving towards my goals.”

“I used to actually really hate online courses until I decided to take this course! You have really set the bar HIGH for any future online courses I take in the future and I really appreciate it.”

“Dr. O’Neill inspired me, and I think if every teacher was as passionate as he is, we’d see a lot more success in the education system.  In the future, I would consider taking a class that I had no interest in other than the fact that he was teaching it.”

“Thank you, Dr. O, for making us feel like we matter.  Thank you for making us feel like we are part of the family :).  You inspire me to never give up!”

What Colleagues are Saying about Dr. O’Neill

Eddie Dunn, Director of Distance and Global Education, WITCC

“In my years as a distance learning administrator, I’ve worked alongside hundreds of online instructors. Frank O’Neill is among the very best of them.  His passion for the art of online teaching is evident in every part of his courses.”

Kyle Collins, Associate Dean of Online and Blended Learning, NICC

“With Frank, it is all about the student. This is why his students love him as a teacher and more students gravitate toward his courses. He believes in each of them.”

Dr. Ken Tidwell, Jr., Associate Dean of Economic Development, Business & Education at WITCC


“Frank is truly one of the most passionate faculty members I have worked with in regards to student success and online learning!  He inspires students, peers, and administrators to provide the best online learning environment possible because students deserve it!”

MJ Dachelet, Lead Instructional Designer - Peosta Campus, NICC

“As an online instructor, Frank is one of those rare individuals who are able to create content that students enjoy so much they often don’t realize how much they are learning.  I appreciate the insights he provides me as an Instructional Designer.  Frank is always in teacher-mode!”

Sima Dabir, Director of Arts and Sciences - Math and Science, WITCC

“Dr. Frank O’Neill is one of the most dedicated faculty I have known in my thirty years in academia.  Dr. O’Neill’s intention has always been to make a difference in his student’s lives by providing the best learning tools for them to succeed. He is one in a million and truly an asset.”

Some of The Organizations I have Worked With Include:



“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.”

John Wooden


Online course aren’t going anywhere.  I am betting on a future where there are 2 types of teachers:

1).  Teachers that are teaching at least 1/2 of their courses online (or in a blended format)

2).  Teachers that are unemployed because they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) adapt to education in the 21st century

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the numbers:

Online Education By The Numbers

Number of Online Students in U.S. Colleges and Universities


Students that Take at Least 1 Online Course

Students that Take at least 1 Online Course


Students that Take All of Their Courses Online

Students that Take All of Their Courses Online

What About MOOC’s?

Students no longer have to choose the best schools, programs, or teachers in their area.  MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) and other online courses allow them to choose based on quality rather than location.  

Number of Students that have Taken a MOOC

Number of MOOC Courses

Number of Students Currently Enrolled in a MOOC-Based Degree Program

Number of Universities Offering MOOC's

Will Online Courses “Replace” Books?

There has been an explosion in the number of people creating their own online courses on topics ranging from widgets to weaving.  Let’s take a look at the numbers from 2 of the major players: Udemy and Thinkific

Number of Courses on Udemy

Number of Courses on Thinkific

Number of Students on Udemy and Thinkific Combined

Don’t Get Left Behind!